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It seems we live in a world bent on war and filled with rumors of war. Nation against nation and brother against brother, hate seems to be the order of the day and civility is a long-dead casualty. The Bible’s chock full of wars, too, leading many to wonder if God is a God of war. It is not God, though, who created humanity to live in violence, but humanity who chooses violence. It is our history, not God’s. He winds up tainted by being part of our story, but the story of God is a story of peace. And that peace begins within. Winning the battle within – this Sunday at Mendham Hills.

V For Victory - Approval Addiction

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think. If the greatest battle we engage in is the battle within, then perhaps our greatest enemy is the need for approval. What would it be like to wake up one morning and realize the whole thing never really was a competition? Tired of a life striving for a constantly moving finish line? Imagine the freedom of living as if you had already won. Victory over our approval addiction – this Sunday at Mendham Hills.

The last words of Jesus were, “It is finished.” Unfortunately, most of us live like the war still rages, like nothing is really finished at all. We live lives of caution, fear and regret, hoping to not become a casualty in a war that ended long ago. Jesus won the war over sin and death…but have you? Living in the light of victory – put another way – walking like the winner you really are, this Sunday at Mendham Hills.