Project Description

Series Overview

Remember when you were a kid and there was that one friend who had the perfect family – the one you wanted to be a part of? The dad seemed so cool and the mom, so understanding. Your family in comparison seemed so dysfunctional. Turns out, their family wasn’t as perfect as you thought, and maybe – just maybe – yours wasn’t then, and isn’t today, as different as you think. This Sunday at Mendham Hills, we kick off our new series with a look at what families really look like – the “perfect,” and the rest of us.

Did you know God has a name – and it’s not God? Does it matter that God has a name and why should anyone care? What if in revealing His name, He also revealed who He is, who is God? While the vast majority of people still believe in God, this “God” is often just a projection of their own values, morals, and ideas. The current state and history of our world attests to that danger. Together, let’s discover what God has said about himself – who He says He is. His true identity and character are both far different and far better than we could ever imagine.

Well, as we learned last week, we all have them – elephants in the family room. They are the things in our families – conflicts, disappointments or hurts – that just sit there, unspoken and avoided. Where did they come from? How did they get there? How did my husband and I, my wife and I, my kids and I…how did we get here, and how do we fix it? This week we look at two of the most powerful principles of conflict resolution you can employ to stop birthing elephants and start sowing peace in the most meaningful relationships in your life. Stop the elephants before they start, this Sunday at Mendham Hills.

Here is what both our personal experiences and statistical data tell us: marriage, for a lot of us, ain’t all it’s cracked up to be! Many evenings in many homes, men sit on one side of the sofa, women sit on the other, and the elephant is right there in the middle. The amazing thing is how so many of us have the same elephant – money, kids, intimacy, and just plain old boredom – so common, but so BIG. This Sunday, we look at our most significant relationship and try to get the elephant out of the middle of it through a new understanding of what’s at its very core. Be prepared to leave thinking differently about the most important relationship you have (at least on Earth) because understanding this could change everything.

Elephants are scary – in the jungle and in the living room! Since most of us are afraid to approach them, often times with good reason, we just don’t. We simply let them be. Yet, as we have seen, elephants left to roam or rent space on your couch just seem to grow and cause destruction. So, how do you approach an elephant? Has fear hampered your ability to deal with what needs to be dealt with in your relationships? In your marriage? With your kids? In your home? This week, we look at how to have the conversation that needs to be had. Ancient, biblical wisdom about how to say the things that need to be said, even if you are afraid to say them, this week at Mendham Hills.

It all seemed so simple once. Yes, it was exhausting with the diapers and baths and homework and story-time, but it was simpler. Something happened on my way to the “prefect little family” – my kids grew up, talked back, disobeyed, and developed minds of their own. My ways did not become their ways, and in between these two paths, tension, frustration, anger and resentment began to grow. (By the way, elephants feast on that stuff!) What’s my role in this changing relationship? What are their roles and how can we begin to talk and understand one another again? This Sunday, we tackle the elephant of parent/child relationships and try to chase another pachyderm from its place.

Well, once you move past family conflicts, the next big Elephant in most family rooms has to do with money. We have all heard the statistic by now; nothing leads to more families being blown apart than money. Did you know Jesus spoke more about money than Heaven and Hell combined? Why does it have such power over us and in our homes? This Sunday, we get practical and learn how to talk to each other about money. Come and learn about your individual money personality and how to settle conflicts with conflicting personalities, and once and for all, protect your most important relationships from the most common danger in your home.

We do lots of things to ensure that our children receive the right kind of inheritance. Whole industries have been built up around wealth management and estate planning. Now, this is nothing new. In fact, the writer Proverbs encouraged such thinking: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” But, what if this teaching of ancient wisdom had nothing to do with money? What if God’s desire is for you to leave your children and your children’s children something worth much, much more? This Sunday, we wrap up our series, “The Elephant in the Family Room” with a look at legacies – what we should leave behind and what we shouldn’t. Its never too late to break generational patterns and launch your family into a new direction of life, peace, joy and godliness – this Sunday at Mendham Hills.