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Matthew and Luke tell the story of the birth of Jesus in similar fashions. You know many of the details: manger, star, wise men. Yet, the person closest to Jesus chose to tell the Christmas story in a totally different way. No Mary or Joseph, instead, an ancient poem having more to do with hope than history. Into our deep darkness, a glorious light has dawned. Tired of stumbling? Your light has come!

The Christmas Lie // John Isemann

This week during the storm, our power went out and the house went dark. Funny thing about the darkness; at first we couldn’t see at all. The stumbling search began for candles and flashlights. But then a remarkable thing happened on the way to the junk drawer – our eyes adjusted and we began to see. We got used to the darkness. Haven’t we all? This Christmas season Sunday at Mendham Hills, longing for light in a world full of dark, and exposing the lie of Christmas.