Project Description

Series Overview

This Sunday, we launch into our new series, “40 For 40” as together we explore the forty most essential themes in the Scriptures. Let’s be honest – approaching the Bible can often times be intimidating (where do you start?), confusing (what does this even mean?), or defeating (have you tried and given up?). This Sunday, with the help of a forty day devotional guide, we begin an eight week journey through the biggest eight ideas in all of the Bible, in pursuit of not just knowledge, but truth and transformation. These stories are too good to be true, but they are. Commit to these forty days with us and let’s see if you don’t come out the other side seeing God, and maybe yourself, in a way you never imagined.

What's With Religion & Rules

This Sunday, we continue 40 For 40 – our journey through the 40 most influential chapters in all of the Scriptures. Name a religion and there’s a set of rules. Judaism has ten commandments, Islam has the five pillars, Hinduism has the four principles, Buddhists have five moral precepts. What’s with all the rules? Do you know of anyone who has walked away from faith because they got confused or tired of trying to keep them all? Have you? This Sunday – Jesus, religion and the role of rules.

40 For 40 - How To Be Bold

What is it that you depend on? I guess it “depends” on the situation. On a staircase, it’s the railing. On a plane, it’s the captain. In a marriage, it’s my spouse. Have you ever noticed that your courage, faith and willingness to risk is directly related to what it is you depend on? Ever get in a plane with a captain you don’t trust? Would you marry someone with wandering affections? This Sunday at MHCC, we discover a foundational truth in all of the Scriptures – how to be bold in a world full of fear and anxiety.

40 For 40 - Train Wrecks & Truth Tellers

Miriam-Webster just added the term “dumpster fire” to it’s renowned dictionary of the English language. That’s how common the term is and how frequent the train wrecks are. Pick any synonym you want, when I messed up as a kid, my dad would ask me, “Do you have rocks in your head?” There are so many sayings because we are so good at making bad decisions and messing up our lives. Why are we often so good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? Heck, often times I know the right decision and still make the wrong one. This Sunday, before you toss another match in the dumpster, discover the “expulsive power of a new affection.

40 For 40 - Is God Too Busy For Me?

Sometimes we wonder where God is. We face issues in life and it all seems puzzling. There are times we can point to His striking awareness of our circumstances, but then there are times when He just seems aloof. Is He too busy for us? Are we just numbers on a list? This next segment in our “40 For 40” series will revolutionize our view of God and challenge us with an awareness we need to ponder deeply. Let’s dig in to Psalm 139 together – this Sunday at Mendham Hills.

40 For 40 - The Power Of Personal Convictions

In a world of few moral absolutes, uncertainty seems to reign. Truths that once seemed foundational now seem optional. What about for you…personally? What are your core convictions? Do you have any? How far is too far? Where do you draw the line (if there is one)? Discovering the power of personal convictions in your life before it’s too late, this Sunday at Mendham Hills.

40 For 40 - The Power of Presence

“It’s the next best thing to being there,” purports one of the great marketing adages of our day. It’s so easy to tell someone, “I’m here for you,” but it’s so hard to actually be there. In our digital world, is virtual presence enough? Understanding the power of presence – ours and God’s – this Sunday at Mendham Hills.

40 For 40 - We Hypocrites

Unfortunately, the followers of Jesus have become known for one character trait more than any other…and it isn’t love. You have probably heard the old preacher’s joke in response to this unfortunately common charge. When challenged by someone in the community with, “I would never go church, it’s full of hypocrites,” he smiled and warmly replied, “Yes! And there is always room for one more! Why not join us this Sunday?” Witty response, but what if it’s really not all that funny? Overcoming our hypocrisy this Memorial Day Sunday at Mendham Hills Community Church.

40 For 40 - Born Again

It’s probably not possible to look at the forty most influential chapters in the Bible and not land in the third chapter of John’s gospel. Within just a couple of lines, John records probably two of the most famous sayings of Jesus: “For God so loved the world…” and, “Lest a man be born again…” Sound familiar? Yet, the story of the man Jesus spoke those words to is so unknown. In many ways, his story is our story, his questions are our questions, and his journey to faith could be yours, too.

40 For 40 - Lost & Found // John Isemann

Have you ever lost something really, really valuable? I was at a football game once, not long after I was married, and I was playing with my wedding ring. I was still not used to wearing jewelry, so I was constantly twisting and turning it and – you guessed it – off it went. I heard the “ding” of the metal hitting the concrete below, and then it was gone, never to be seen again. I was able to get another wedding ring, though. This Sunday, as we continue on in our decision month of June, what happens when the irreplaceable gets lost…and then found?