MHCC Student Ministries is focused on helping students own their faith, understand how it relates to real life, and live it out in today’s world. Sunday Nights play a huge part in making this happen, and they are the “flagship” of our ministry. 

On the First Sundays of each month, Junior and Senior High will meet together at the church for dinner, games, skits and videos designed to highlight and introduce the topic for the month (see the “Sunday Nights” card for a list of what we’ll be covering). The First Sunday format also serves to create an environment that is welcoming to new students and easy to invite friends.



On all the other Sundays (other than First Sundays) we will be following our classic youth group model: Junior and Senior High students will meet at the church. For the first twenty minutes, all students hang out together playing games, socializing and having snacks. After that, Junior and Senior High split for teaching. Following the teaching, the students meet in gender and age-based small groups with the same leader all year to discuss and debrief the talks. Although the topics covered will be the same for both groups, the split format allows them to be taught age-appropriately and to engage in age-appropriate discussion. The night concludes with worship for everyone together, led by Tim Berry and our student band. Student pick-up is at the church at 8 pm. 

A weeknight small group for Senior High students who are interested in going deeper in their walk will be offered during the year. This typically is a four to six week study that will be held in a home, targeting students who live nearby or who aren’t participating in a sport during that particular season. Each group will be announced on Sunday nights for several weeks before it starts. Someitmes this is run by Steve Fischer and other times it is run by a student leader. 



Sunday School is the place where students develop a working knowledge and understanding of Scripture as a whole, and we have a 7-year plan to take them through the major themes of the Bible, going through one Old Testament book and one New Testament book each school year. The Junior High class will be offered during both services, and meet in the Youth Room at the end of the first floor hall at MHCC. Senior High will meet in 6-week blocks during the first service at Grace House, and students will attend services on the weeks between those blocks. This gives them time to participate in and interact with the MHCC large group gathering as well as receiving instruction in the traditional format.

Special events happen throughout the year too, including Lock-In’s, 30-Hour Famine, Ski Trip, Junior and Senior High Lake Champion retreats, and Senior Camping Trip. During the summer, regular Sunday ministry is on hiatus and the focus is on events for both age groups.