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Studies have shown that during the teen years our children are trying to figure out who they are and where they belong. As they try to answer these questions, you very often see change – often drastic change – in their styles, friends, behavior and attitudes. As they undergo these changes, my goal and hope for our student ministry is to help them to work through and discover the answers to these questions.

Who Am I?

You are a child of God, and deeply loved by Him. You were created with meaning and purpose. You can know Him and His will for your life.

Where Do I Belong?

You belong here. Your background, family, abilities or even level of faith do not matter. You have a place in our group.


We focus on helping students own their faith, understand how it relates to real life, and learn how to actually live it. We do this through student-led worship, dynamic teaching, large group activities and consistent small group interaction.


We focus on helping students to develop a working knowledge and understanding of Scripture as a whole while working through a seven-year plan covering the major themes of the Bible.

2017 Special Events


There are two events – Lake Champion Retreat and 30-Hour Famine – that shouldn’t be missed. Not only do they have a strong impact on students’ faith, they often move them from feeling disconnected to a place of belonging within the group. Shared experiences develop relationships, and the more meaningful the experience, the more meaningful the relationship. See below for more information.


  • 400+ Students
  • Dynamic teaching and awesome worship
  • Activities and tournaments
  • Profound impact and life-change


  • Global hunger awareness
  • Personal reflection and prayer
  • Dollars raised for kids without food
  • Local service projects

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