What's Important
to Us

Because we believe that God is real, the Bible is His Word, and that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, we are unabashedly committed to Jesus and His mission to remake and restore relationships between God, self, others and the world. That means we focus on three things that go hand-in-hand, because they all fuel each other.

Knowing God so deeply that we are personally and corporately changed and transformed.

Actively joining Him in His Kingdom call to bring that change and transformation to our friends, our communities and the world.

This Kingdom desire for transformation and mission in the context of community is at the heart of each of our ministries and fuels everything we do.

Theory & Practice

Putting It To Good Use

We don’t just want to have knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Knowledge should lead to heart change, which should lead to action. Here are a few ways that we’re trying to walk the talk; you can be involved too.


We serve one another inside our walls, working together to make ministry happen. On Sunday mornings this includes Guest Services, MHCC Kids, T24 Students, music teams and tech teams.


We serve outside our walls, locally, domestically and internationally, via partnerships with Market Street Mission and Family Promise of Morris County, and through our own non-profit, Beyond the Walls.


Small groups are an important part of discipleship; a place where we can work out our faith together in a smaller, more intimate setting. We also believe they are at the heart of building relationships in the church.

Meet the Team

John Isemann

Renay Billing
Director of Ministries

Steve Fischer
Pastor of Student Ministries

Tim Berry
Director of Worship

Katie Rubright
Director of MHCC Kids

Connie Baker
Director of MHCC Groups

Brenda Priddy
Office Administrator

Jana Klosowsky
Office Administrator