How would you rate your sense of direction? When you’re driving, do you always seem to know where to go? Or do you get lost going one town over? Remember the days of before GPS, when you would have to stop and ask for directions? Those were the worst. Now, thanks to my iPhone, I’m never lost. I might not know where I am, but with a few words (“Siri get directions for…”) I’ll be all set and back on course. For many of us, we wish we had a GPS for life. At times, we find our lives heading in a completely different direction then what we thought. We find ourselves asking the question, “How did I get here and where I am going?” Join us this Sunday at MHCC as we look to a God who is always directing and guiding, even when we are lost and unsure of the path to take.


Sermon Description

What impact am I making with my life? Am I making any difference in this world? What is my legacy? Legacy is not something we look at too often. But if we did, would it make a difference in the way we live our lives? Building our legacy means to live intentionally, seeking to make the most of every opportunity. This Sunday, we look at the life of Esther and take away some powerful and practical lessons of how we can make the most of every opportunity in our world.