Why You Should Join A Small Group.

All of the small groups at MHCC are designed to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and to create an environment in which friendships and relationships can be developed. We offer several types of adult groups, each with it’s own focus.


We have designed our group environments to help you do both: grow in your relationship with Jesus and develop relationships with others. Whatever your age, season of life, relationship status or faith status, we have a place for you.

Community Groups

An ideaI place to pursue growth in your relationship with Jesus, and to pursue healthy relationships with others. Groups may be organized by stage-of-life, geography, marital status, gender, or no defining characteristic at all. Typically meet twice per month.

Men’s & Women’s Groups

Organized around a specific purpose or topic, these groups are designed for growth and relationships in gender-specific settings. They include Bible, studies, topical studies, and groups focused on prayer. They typically meet weekly or bi-weekly.

Short-Term Groups

Similar to Community Groups, but meet for a short time to explore one topic. They include newcomers groups, outreach groups and classes, and are offered at different times during the year.